Stay productive while working remotely.

May 27, 2021


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Work from home is on the rise now owing to the ongoing pandemic as well as the lockdowns.

No one would have ever thought that coronavirus will affect the world so badly.

With lakhs of lives lost and more than a million affected, markets shut, economies collapsed, it was the worst kind of pandemic the world would have ever witnessed.

Work from home is on the rise now owing to the ongoing pandemic as well as the lockdowns.

Though COVID 19 is the reason most of the world is working remotely but from now on many companies would prefer and would also engage their employees to work from home to save time and help in cutting down the costs.

The effect has been so tremendous that maximum companies have instructed and mandated its employees to work from home until the virus is in control.

There is no denying the fact that earlier most of us must have fantasized working from the comfort of home on our favorite couch without having to get up early or to rush for a commute.

But working remotely is not as easy as it seems.

Working from home has its own set of challenges. And trust me it can be even harder than actually working from the office.

Yes. So, the most important thing is to make sure you are utilising your time very effectively and productively while you are at home.

We will share a few tips which we are sure will help you stay productive while working remotely.


1. Choose a peaceful place to work

Find out the corner of the house which is comfortable and peaceful for you to work.


Make this your dedicated space for working from home.

So that you are not disturbed with nearby surroundings during the working hours.

Having a peaceful environment is very important to maintain concentration while working.


2. Prepare checklist


Everyday as a practice keep a checklist ready right at the beginning of the day to make sure you have a list of tasks prioritized.

Start checking them off as the day proceeds.

This will help you keep track of work as per the priority and you can also complete everything by the end of the day.


3. Plan


Have a plan in place which will help you schedule your day more than usual.

Once you start working, you should organize your daily work routine like responding to emails as the first task, then responding to the calls which are urgently required.


4. Keeping track of time

Keep track of your time while you are working.


It might be difficult in the initial stages but it will really be helpful for you as well as your organization during the billing process.

It will also help in managing time combined with distractions and other household tasks.


5. Have functional systems in place


While you are working remotely, get yourself a reliable laptop or desktop computer so that your pace of work is not hampered.

Struggling with a slow system might make you less productive and can waste your time.


6. Communicate frequently with your colleagues


Working from home can be boring and monotonous at times. You may start feeling lonely and aloof.

To combat these feelings of loneliness, communicate with team members more often on Slack, Skype, or even other chat platforms frequently.

Communicating and keeping in touch really helps.

This will help you feel more like a part of a bigger team, and not just alone.


7. Minimize your distractions


While you are working, make sure you spend less time surfing on social media.

Avoid such distractions and you will be more productive.


8. Log off every day


Once you’re done for the day, leave your workspace, shut your computer, and step away from the job.

Don’t end up checking work emails every second.


9. Update and keep your team informed on progress more than usual

Keeping the team informed and in picture while you are working is important.


It is a matter of working together so keep them updated about the ongoing tasks so that the other members who have work dependency on you can be aware of the current stage of work.

Since this is a new experience you should keep your team informed regularly about the progress to avoid any miscommunication.


10. Final Words


Though this is a new set up which everyone is getting used to but at the same time it can really be beneficial for everyone.

The main reason is that the managers get more productivity as the commute time is eliminated and can be utilised in a much effective manner.

Working remotely isn’t a new concept many people have been in this setup since long.

Companies world over have been practicing this for years and they are already flexible with the system.

With the current state of the COVID-19 coronavirus causing all the companies requiring their employees to work from home, the employees are now expected to be skilled at the art of working remotely.

You may not be able to master this in a day or week but practicing few of these tips everyday might be helpful for you in channelising your resources as well as your tasks.

So if you are the one of many who is shouldering the responsibility to work from home for the very first time.

Then don’t worry at all. Take this as a learning opportunity and make sure you are utilizing your time productively with a plan in place.

Keep yourself focussed and balance both your professional and personal life.


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