Best Apps for Design Teams in 2021

May 22, 2021


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Have you ever thought about what is the first thing a user would notice when they are using the mobile app?

It is the design of the app that catches users’ attention at any given point in time.

Thus App design plays an important role in user interaction and their decision making process whether they would like to engage further with the application.

With changing times, new technologies, and tech savvy customers no one can deny that “Mobile Apps” are here to stay for long.

Mobile app designs are crucial during the development phase and its UI of the apps that can make or break the future of your business.

And currently, apart from the tech savvy user base it is the ongoing pandemic that has brought everyone on the technological platforms.

Like- online shopping for basic necessaties. The demand for mobile apps has skyrocketed like anything.

Therefore you must deliver a great user experience to your customers and make sure delivering a great experience should always be your priority as it has a direct impact on user engagement, revenues, and conversions.

Your mobile apps should be so seamless that your customers should be able to run through your app with minimal assistance from anyone.

Hence, it is even more important that your Apps have that swanky and modern look based on the current trends.

There are many mobile app design tools available that are very helpful in building prototypes, wireframes.

So we bring to you the list of these best apps which are instrumental for the design teams based on their different requirements. These are really helpful for your team and would take your Apps to the next level.

So what are you waiting for, let’s see what is in store for you for 2021.


1. Sketch - Best for User Interface Designs


It was founded in the year 2010. And it is an excellent vector based design tool that is used to design user interfaces for applications.

App designers make use of Sketch to prepare the user interfaces for different mobile devices.

Sketch offers one of the best and easy to use powerful tools that allows beginners as well as professionals to focus on designing.

With easy functionality, it was designed for digital designers to fit all of their requirements.

Over the years, it has been used extensively and enjoys an amazing fan base.


2. Photoshop - Best for Image editings


While your design teams are busy on any kind of project, some level of image manipulation is mostly required.

This is where Photoshop lets the designers and artists manipulate the images. Whether you are designing any graphic, or creating banners, Photoshop lets you turn the artistic thought process into real work.

It offers designers a lot of editing options and is excellent for work related to graphics, image manipulation.

Its unique interface is extremely user friendly and lets you choose the tools for customizing the graphics.


3. Illustrator - Vector Creations


This tool is‌‍ excellent when we need vector elements like illustrations in the designs especially when it is related to drawings of logos and Icons.

It can help in the creation of sketches, illustrations, graphics, cartoons, fonts, logos in vector based form.

For a long time, it has been considered as a vector graphic application used by the teams in the industry


4. Invision - Prototype and Feedbacks


Invision is a great tool for the teams to share the design prototypes with clients and receive feedback on the same nby annotations.

One can effortlessly make an animation of the transitions and add interactions to the static screens.

It makes it look like a working prototype as one can seamlessly navigate through the entire design process in one place.

This is very helpful in making the feedback process extremely fast.


5. Zeplin - Bridge between Designers & Developers


Zeplin is a very useful tool that provides graphics to developers.

When designs are approved, it automatically collects the components documentation/information based on the framework you are working on that are needed to push to the developers.

It is highly flexible and can help customize the description codes and add links to the sources like your design system.

This powerful tool bridges the gap between developers and designers by creating connected space for product teams.

In simple terms when the design has been prepared and is ready to get into the development phase, the developers need some way to understand and translate it to code.

There is when Zeplin comes in the picture.

It helps facilitate by taking a design from tools like sketch, photoshop and exporting them to a format that can easily generate codes, style guides, assets, and specs.

This tool purely works as a collaborator between the designers and development teams.

With this tool, there is no need to manually write down the specs or the types. It helps save a lot of time and effort.

These are some of the best known tools that are instrumental for the design teams for one or the other best feature they possess.

Based on your team requirements, you can try figuring out which would suit you best to meet your needs.

Just keep yourself updated on the latest design app trends and take your App to the next level of innovation and engagement for your users.

Today, with the help of technology there are limitless opportunities for creating a perfect User Interface.

But no matter whichever tool you use, just consider the pros and cons of the concerned tool depending upon your existing project requirements.

Just make sure that the given tool fits the required criteria and your teams can use them effectively.

Try these tools and look forward to them in 2021 to help deliver an excellent experience for your teams as well as your customers.


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